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xxxiv. icons — multifandom


Some of these are really, REALLY old and sort of gross but it's been months since I last posted icons and if I don't do it now I don't think I ever will.  SO.  HERE THEY ARE.

tv: community, dexter, top gear, downton abbey, breaking bad, misfits, iasip, parks and rec, justified, true blood, abfab, heathers/veronicamars crossover


movies: caddyshack, anchorman, reservoir dogs, watchmen, casino royale, blues brothers, drop dead gorgeous, jurassic park, the royal tenenbaums, ghostbusters, the big lebowski, dr strangelove

musicians: the supremes, azealia banks, m.i.a., francoise hardy, jimi hendrix, boooowie, yeah yeah yeahs

celebrities: joe gilgun, james ransone, evan rachel wood

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Tags: #icons, females: evan rachel wood, males: james ransone, males: joe gilgun, movie: anchorman, movie: blues bros, movie: caddyshack, movie: dr strangelove, movie: drop dead gorgeous, movie: ghostbusters, movie: jurassic park, movie: reservoir dogs, movie: the big lebowski, movie: the royal tenenbaums, movie: watchmen, music: azealia banks, music: david bowie, music: francoise hardy, music: jimi hendrix, music: mia, music: the supremes, music: yeah yeah yeahs, tv: abfab, tv: breaking bad, tv: community, tv: dexter, tv: downton abbey, tv: iasip, tv: its always sunny, tv: justified, tv: misfits, tv: parks and recreation, tv: true blood, tv: veronica mars
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