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xviv. icons — multifandom


These are for round 20 at 20inspirations.  I chose a few of my favorite fandoms and chose characters that I identify with, so hopefully it explains ~who I am.  I'm a little rusty and some of these aren't the greatest, but for the most part I really like these.  IDK, I saved most of the psds for these, but a few got lost because my laptop is on it's way out and the OS constantly crashes.  Oh yeah, JSYK I haven't forgot about the requests, sorry they're taking so long!
1. deb, dexter: dirty mouth.
2. dexter, dexter: sneaky.
3. james murphy, lcd soundsystem: not a fandom, but makes music that suits all of my moods.
4. annie, community: idealist.
5. cassie, skins: day dreamer.

6. jess, new girl: awkward.
7. jane, happy endings: vain.
8. ron, parks and recreation: mischievous.
9. "doc" roe, band of brothers: aloof.
10. mitchell, being human: serious case of bitch face.

11. britta, community: judgemental.
12. lip, shameless: self-serving.
13. lisbeth, the girl with the dragon tattoo: emotionally closed off.
14. nathan, haven: drawn to water.
15. marla, fight club: several bad habits.

16. pam, true blood: bit of a whiner.
17. bill murray: my hero.
18. ian, jurassic park: he is the reason why i use the phrase, "thanks for the lovely weekend."
19. margot, the royal tenenbaums: her fur coat is the fur that inspired my username. ♥
20. alisha, misfits: reformed.

psd and/or tutorial available on request
comments make the world go round
credit bourbonate or fuuurs
don't do anything stupid

Tags: #icons, celebrity: bill murray, movie: fight club, movie: jurassic park, movie: the girl with the dragon tattoo, movie: the royal tenenbaums, music: lcd soundsystem, tv: band of brothers, tv: being human, tv: community, tv: dexter, tv: happy endings, tv: haven, tv: misfits, tv: new girl, tv: parks and recreation, tv: shameless, tv: skins, tv: true blood
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